August 02, 2009

losing is one way to know the living you .

one thing that i'm afraid of the most : LOSS .

lately ,
i lost lots .
i lost my bestfriend in an accident,
i lost trust once , but back again to trust the man,
i lost important items, and not have it back yet , but that's not a big deal though,
i lost my spirit once , but back again to be spiritful,
i lost my hopes , but back confidently to hope again,
i lost those people's cheering eyes at home, everybody's not really living now:'(

those losses ,
are something that life (maybe) wants to teach me about .
how to forgo things in your life without being too dramatic,
how to let go things in you life without being too pathetic,
how to be okay to live without things you once owned .

was hard at first ,
but then , those losses teach me lots and lots .
i lately realize that , i only live once .
i live all my life to know who i am . who i really am .
how strong i am , how shit i am , how cheesy i am , how helpful i am , and so on .
after knowing my self well , then i'll die . and that's it .
so , before i die , i only need to know me well ,
through these ways , one of the way's this losing-way .
and now , i know how to forgo things .
how to handle myself when i know that this and that thing isn't mine again,
how to deal with those losses , and even how to get those things back , in which way , right or wrong , risky or not . now talk about options and preferences . well , yea one thing teaches lots , everything's related in a sudden :)

well, in short,
i know that it's not yet the end of a life when i lose things in life ,
keep on enjoying life , everyday is a new life-adventure .
adiooss !