November 23, 2009

cheap-date-competition ♥

hey guys,
me and my hubbub , as i told you all in my previous post , had been in a very-hard-time , in purpose of avoiding any terrible circumtance ahead, we decided to do something different in our relationship , then my hubbub came up with the idea of : cheap-date-competition .

here are the rules :
1. the maximum bucks we may use is 50k IDR or below
2. 50k IDR is not inclusive the fuel-cost neither the parking-service-bill

so here are the story of dates we made up ,

my hubbub got the first turn, here it went :

we went to the museum (omigod, the museum , i couldn't even remember when was the last time i visited any of that educational places) . it was a geological museum in bandung , it called MUSEUM GEOLOGI , we weren't charged for any entrant-fee , yeahs it was all free :)

we went to the cinema , it was braga 21 , it was on a mall which was located on Braga street, it was a famous street in bandung refered to its historical story back then. and the price of the tickets were 31k IDR for two of us , oh ya , we watched serigala-terakhir , it was a local movie , the good one , from a skillful indonesian woman movie director .

we went to Jl.Sultan agung to eat cheap yet delicious foods , our menus were : fried-cow's-lung (gosh, i yuck when i typed those phrase), fried-cow's-bowels ( i know these foods maybe aren't familiar in other countries due to their nutritions which were very minimum i guess),fried-tofus , rice , and two cups of plain-tea . and those foods price were only : 17k IDR

took a walk to bandung indah plaza

we went to a mini market and bought 4 pieces of fullo biscuits which cost 475 IDR /piece , so they were all 1,9k IDR

the total money we spent for that one-day-date was 49.900 IDR

here are the some photos taken on that day :

and here is the story of the date i arranged when my turn came :

the very first ,
we went to cisangkuy-yoghurt to buy a slice o f banana cake (yea, this place sells both yoghurt and delicious cakes)
the banana cake costed : 6k IDR

as we knew that it came to the lunch time , so we headed to a tiny place of delicious bandung's food , called baso tahu at Jl.Ternate ( i recomend you to try this one)
the price of each slice was 1k IDR , and we ate 10 pieces , so they were are 10k IDR

we went to a park to have a mini picnic , how good was that huh ?
in the middle of having a mini picnic we played a game , i called it SStt-ecret hangman (it went this way : the one who lost the game had to confess a secret that she/he never told anyone about) , we got some foods to eat there , such as chocolate-candies ( i brought them from home) and banana-cake we bought earlier , and the game went quite fun though :)
and this dating-activity costed : o IDR , free , yee-haa :D

we went to an old cinema , called regent, this cinema was very popular back there when i was in a junior high . but lately , this historical cinema lost its popularity, and the facilities weren't really good again as i knew years ago, thus the ticket price placed in a very low rate , the ticket was only 8k IDR / person + 0,5k IDR for charity/ person . so, the tickets for two costed only 17k IDR , phew :)
oh ya , we watched a christmas carol ! it was a good moral-movie then :)

(this is the part i looovveeee)
we went to a mini market to buy 2 cups of instant noodles which was only 3k IDR/ cup , and bought hot water and 4 balls of meatball in kinda a meatball-kiosk or something , they all costed 8k IDR . (read this part carefully) after buying the dinner menus, we looked for a place to park our car, and yes only to find a place to dine-in-a-car, and it was raining so hard, we parked our car in front of my hubbub's senior high school, as the machine went off, we could clearly listened to the song played on the tape which came from my ipod's playlist, it was a love song, sang by justin timberlake, it was a recovered song from brian mcknight. idk , but it was like we two enjoyed eating that instant noodles while the love song played and the rain dropped hard onto the car's body, hmm , such a .. you know , quality time . i kissed him soft and told him that i loved him .

we went to Singapore International School to play *tadaaaaa* fireworks , only on the sideway of the school area , but it was all enough i guess :)
oh ya and those electric-sparkles costed 5k IDR.

so the total cost we spent on this date was : 46k IDR

and here are the photos taken on my date-turn :

and oh yaa , we're doing a voting , i'll post the result soon :)
the winner of this competition will get a full-treat-eating at sushi tei !

x and

November 18, 2009

the town square of red and gold

photo by cherry blossom girl

i chew my candy fastly,
Align Center
oh ya it tastes so grape and milk .
it melts easily by the time i twist my tongue over it,
woo i get a tongue-tie .

i absurdly arrange words , i just too happy lately , hence i have kinda words-black-out, eh no , it's a words-tipsy , hihi ;)

ok , let me picture my happiness on yer frame so you can easily feel it as well .

my happiness is the way people get together at the open air town square, the town square which is covered by red and gold autumn leaves, so when people walk on it , there is a soft-scratching sound, and it sounds so nice after all , at the same time people can gently inhale the smell of sweet cinnamon sugar from a granny's picnic basket, while some kids are chasing baloons that were abandoned because they forgot to hold them tight , well , kids ..

and there are couples sit back-to-back on plaid magic carpets while listening to their walkmans/cd players/ipods and secretly hand-in-hand do a finger-dance .
there are puppies and kitties, they play together next to daddy's sleeping back, they play balls , salmon pink balls, they think it's salmon . ah . salmon is no ball , ball is no salmon , eh ? :)

and i bring my beige coat , put in on my shoulder while my turquoise shawl is blew to swing my hello to people , and i bring my brief-case of laughter and smile :)

i hope this feeling lasts forever,

November 16, 2009

miss you !

1 thing that i'll miss the most when we're apart is :
when you stay over the night nd give me a piggy-back-ride to the kitchen, nd then you cook some foods nd put them on a plate for two of us, nd you smile over my compliments of how great yer foods are, then you kiss me soft nd tell me to finish up my foods :')

ding ding,
a text delivered :)

i texted him this message about 2 months ago, wooh , missing those moments !

oya !
i'm on a competition, it's a cheap-date competition, i'll post the photos here in my next post :)

x nd ♥,


oldie goodie logo
logo for my entrepreneurship walkabout project
retouch of an old found logo

fabrics and button logo
logo for my second hand shop
look at those patchworks , likey that ?

those are my recent logo-works
edited them with (unfortunately) adobe photoshop
wooh, i really need to have a coreldraw-quick-course

an apologize fer being so heartless :{

me , my hubbub
were goin through many shits .

we're about hm almost 9 months being this close .
nd i guess it's so common to have fights here nd there to pass the so-called-stage nd live in an upper stage as a closer couple .

hm ,
i guess i've lost so many skills in talking with written-words , considering i completely left my writing hobby fer abouuut , hm 2 and a half months ? quite a time-parade eh ?

ok , back again.
i used to talk shit to him
i used to do shit to him

i used to rule over him

i did mess the things in between up ,

(and you know i did think that i quited my sanity) .

i did prefer not to answer his phonecalls, i did not again laugh at his bad jokes , i did not again chase him over tickles he did, otherwise yelled and got mad ridiculously , i pushed him away when he tried to wipe my tears away,i got super-mad at how he broke promises over me eventhough those were something he couldn't predict, and again i did the same exact breaking-promises-thingy over him and insited him to take my plea, how bad huh ?
i was not a human back there .

but days ago , i found out that i did those shits because of all the insecurities i felt over him .
i , did not realize, that i'm in a real-damage-stage of feeling afraid of losing him. phew , i regret that i squeezed him too much that he couldn't even feel the love in between or even the sweet nothingness in between, i should punch-me-right-on-the-face for being such a heartless-lady fer that :(

i'm so sorry

i did not see the things you come up for me,

i did not see the good things you ALWAYS come up with,
i did only see the flaws you made withou
t really understanding that humans do flaws !
you are human , and i will only be with a human for sure .

i promise you not to make promises over anything,

but let me ensure us that we're working on things out, right?
i purple-heart you , xx

psst, sorry again ...