March 16, 2010

swinging an appologize-hello.

it's been more than a month that i didn't post anything here ,actually i got busier with my skripsi-thingy, my research proposal got declined by many companies, ugh i just hate them . why were they so stingy that they couldn't share me some data(s). but finally a good company share me everything i need. data(s), time, friendly helps, and all. this company is : BaikBaik Design, which is owned by Unky Samsam, its showroom is located in Jl.Siliwangi No.8 Bandung, come and visit it, BaikBaik Design provides custom furniture and custom arts that match your needs and budget :)

so it doesn't mean that i lose my passion in writing , but please excuse me for a while. by the time i get my time spared, i'll write again. oh ya, i have a postponed-project, it's a music vs writing project, my hubby and my bestie dennis will make the supportive music for my flipsy story , how great? :) oh ya , and excuse me, that i haven't write anything about flipsy again, but i'm on the way guys, i have a good idea of how it will go further, so .. see you again in my next post :)