December 31, 2009

pink-eyed flipsy (part III)

me and ched (the nickname i gave her , the spelling was like shee-ed) were instantly being good friends, we did things , did what little girls commonly did. we made bracelets from paperclips, we shared a raincoat, we did a shoes-exchange, we made flowers as hair-clips, and we played at the playground. we loved doing things as i said, but our favourite thing to do was colouring, not drawing, but colouring . we never drawed, we just put color here and there on given pictures, and you know what really touched me? ched always coloured up every eye with : pink .

that's why i really love her :)

and i always coloured every hair with : red .

we really love each other, we didn't mind , or maybe it was she, who didn't mind that no one of our schoolmates never would to play with us , she knew that they didn't play with us , because of me. and it made me loved her even more that time.

one day in a late december,
ched told me that she had a secret to tell, i was curious .
she told me to come by her house the evening after .
and i did .
she ,
half-sobbed sat by the window in her room, was trying to say something she hardly to, i thought she was gonna leave me . i knew i was pink , i mean, my eyes were . i was upset , and straightly said to her "ched, i'm okay if you're not gonna friend me again, don't cry."
she hardly replied "no flips, that's not you"
i freezed, waiting for her next confession . "i lied to you, i did't say this" she continued. i still freezed . "i never told you that i'm not even better than those pink-eyes you have" , i wrinkled my forehead, i made my left-eyebrow went up (to show that i was thinking to ched).

she took off her pajamas' top, and showed me her back. and i saw something . i tried not to be over-reacted because i knew that it would hurt her. she had a mole. quite big one . and it was hairy. hmm okay, very hairy. it looked like a little head full of hair. i conclude why ched always wore a coat even it was spring, and she never allowed me to touch her back. she was afraid that i'd be afraid of her, or felt pity of her.

i hugged her, and decided to slept over that night. before sleeping, she story-told me about how that mole could be on her back, and i found that it was a genetic-mutation, a fault happened in an embryo cylinder, ched was IVFed. and in the end of the story ched told me that she could get her mole wiggled, how cute, we laughed at it .

too cute :D

i forgot to mentioned, her mole hair was : blonde.
wonder why ? i did .
one knows .

the morning after, i went back home .
it was sunday .
i almost reached an apple-garden-dream when ched called, she told me that she was going to have a little bro or sissy, i woot-ed my voice, and congrat-ed her, i was happy for her. hmm, was i ? i was kinda happy-but-not, because i envied her .

i asked my mom, "momma, why can a someone has a little bro or sissy?", my mom replied "because their parents played make-a-house-under-the-blanket" , i asked again "really? parents, you mean a momma and a poppa ?" , my mom didn't reply. i asked again "momma, do i have a poppa?" , my mom looked at my eyes and smiled, she answered "of course you have flips, but a fate didn't allow you to meet him.", i nodded and asked again "momma, this is the last question , where did you play make-a-house-under-the-blanket with poppa? you didn't use mine, did you?" , and my mom cuddled my hair and chuckled said " no, sweet pea, we didn't"

and i turned on the tv.


December 30, 2009

ignorance - for a bliss

at times,
ignorance leads you to a bliss ,
but at times ,
it leads you to an oblivion .

i best believe that, now, it leads me to a bliss :)


pink-eyed flipsy (part II)

days went by ,
i was still flipsy the pink-eyed :)

another day at school , the day when my class blackboard got replaced by a new modern whiteboard. it was so shiny , and when mrs.eve wrote on it , it was squeaking, i did hate the sound but gradually got adapted to.

my mom always told me , i was a magic happened in her life . i knew that . since i have these clear-pink eyes, magic eyes, mom said . beside that , i also employed a very magical thinking of view. my mom used to be anxious about that, wonder why ?

the same whiteboard-day ,
i kept watching the new board , the new shiny board , it was so shiny like i mentioned, so shiny as eyes were. after got bored watching the whiteboard, i did slide my eyes to watch the marker, yes the black-coloured marker that mrs.eve used to write on something. can you see what i imagined ? i imagined of how that marker would be applied completely the same onto the eyes , covering up my pink-parts.

after people did empty the class , i stole the marker , did hide it in my skirt's pocket.

when i got home, i immediately stood in front of the mirror, and minutes after, i started to colour up my eyes. i started from the middle , from the pinkest part , my mom called it pink-pil instead of pupil. it was hurt. colouring my eyes that way. but i convinced my self by saying "that's okay flipsy, that's what whiteboard always feels", my sight totally got vagued in a sudden, i barely saw things , but i successfully found a way to the kitchen , in purpose to show my mom how great were my black eyes . i poked my mom's leg, and said "momma , look at my eyes, aren't they prettier this way?" then my mom slowly noticed what happened to my eyes, screamed, took her coat, and pulled my arm impatiently. we were right away to the doctor.

the doctor said that my eyes got irritated . i had to get my eyes covered up by bandage for a week . lateness toward handling would apparently made a permanent blindness. my mom really got mad. a real magical thinking i had, wasn't it ? no wonder why my mom always got anxious about me . i had something different . my mom has noticed it since i was so tiny.

after skipping school for a week , i came back to school . mrs.eve warned me not to do anything ridiculous with my eyes, she said "flipsy, why are you so headstrong that you want your eyes to be the same as your friends'? yours are cool i say , your eyes look like candies , sweet , and you can ask people that they really would to have a pair like yours, be grateful sweet pea" , i replied "thank you mrs. eve, you're so kind , but i want a pair of normal eyes , not a candy-like pair" then i gave her my fake smile.

it was early may ,
i was still alone , friendless .
i was still with my pink eyes , i'd rather to have no friend than got my mom mad . my mom equaled my happiness. i didn't want to see her upset again after the whiteboard-accident.

that morning,
mrs.eve announced that we were welcoming a new student from east-rubibian, her name was chedelide, she was so pale and red-haired , but i thought she was sweet. mrs. eve asked her to choose a chair to sit, she choosed to sit right in front of me. i kinda liked it , see seemed friendly anyway. after sitting in front of me, she peeped on me through a space between her hair, and i saw her smiled at me. i smiled back at her . she said something that i could clearly heard, she said : i personally like your eyes .
and i was like , wow !
i was blushed .

to be continued ...


December 29, 2009

monochrome dream , how lame ?

my 16-years-old brother
always dreams in black and white ,

seriously .


pink-eyed flipsy :)

this is a story about a pink-eyed little girl.

hello, my name is flipsy , and my eyes are pink . yes they're pink .
i don't know whether it's something related to genes or miracles, but i asked my mom once , and it went this way :

flipsy : momma, why are they pink ?
mommy : they're pink because you're special little lady, you're as sweet as princess
flipsy : but i never saw pink-eyed princess in disney channel or anywhere else
mommy : you don't need to be the same as they are flipsy, you are amazingly beautiful

then i deep-sigh-ed and mumbled , i didn't get any make-sense answer , my mom didn't know it as well .

when i was 5 , i went to school for the first time, my mom bought me knee-high socks and a plaid skirt, i wore white shirt and leather backpack for kids. i was always excited about school, until one of my class-mates whispered something that was classified to be too-much-aloud to my another class-mate, that was "look at her eyes , she looks like a rabbit" , i threw my hateful stare to them then sobbed and cried , i ran back home .

i hugged my mom, i cried very loud , i screamed , i yelled , i got mad to my self , i told my mom that my classmates are naughty, i kept crying until i fell asleep in my mom's hug .

the next day , i skipped school , i insisted my mom to go to the apple-garden, i really wanted to eat apples , i really loved apples . i met a beautiful little girl , she was in my age i guessed, i approached her, i poked her and said my shy-hello, she smiled at me, but after that she ran into her mom's legs and told her mom something that made her mom stared at me awkwardly , i was upset and asked my mom to go home .

i skipped school for days .

the first day i went back to school , i wore my mom's sunnies. my teacher got mad. my teacher cuddled my hair softly asked me to take it off, my teacher's name was mrs. eve , she was fatty , but she was beautiful and to be near her, i felt like i was with my mom . she was okay to know that i was pink-eyed . but not my schoolmates . they looked at me like i was an alien . my schoolmates talked about me . i was instantly popular . one day, after school was out, mrs. eve told me " it's okay knowing that people talk about you. it's so much better than knowing that noone talks about you", i smiled at her and said thank you.

to be continued ...


inspiring words-in-pic

lately, i really love looking fer something like these :

i got these mostly from here , here , here, and here :)
enjoy !


December 28, 2009

singing-friend :)

i have a good-singer-friend i just knew :D
good to know that she's a blogger too , her name is nadia sabrina
she has started to post some of her singing videos to youtube, this is one of those , enjoy :)



western spaghetti by PES ,
you'll love how this cutie colors be cooked :D


December 27, 2009


last friday ,
i spent my holiday with hubb , my hubb's little brother and his gf :)
we went to dunia fantasi , we had a very good time playing around there,
although in the end i felt bit queasy after riding (they call it) KORA-KORA :|
never again , god !
here's our picture :

after having so much fun in dunia fantasi , we went to Grand Indonesia to see what we could get from big-year-end preview sale , i bought a zara black sweater and a little-cream-anchor necklace from Forever 21 , here's the little anchor picture that i really loove :

and when i got home , i got a surprise :

i got this from my hubb , very cute , ain't it ? :D
i still don't know how he bought it, because he accompanied me all the time when we were shopping around, wonder how :/
since turquoise is my fave color , this watch will be my fave too :D
thank youu hubbuuubbb, i love yoouu :* :*

December 26, 2009

today's quotation

you must learn from your past mistakes,

but not lean on your past successes.
-denis waitley

December 25, 2009

great short movie : signs

got this from a good blogger i know,
this short movie was a one of the winners of Cannes Lions!
i really love this short movie,
hope you'll love it too :)

love ,

December 24, 2009

alleys' photoshoot

these are some photos taken from a photoshoot-gallery i had yesterday
with hubbub Rizki Rubini and sissy Ranti Nauli
check them out !

this is my best-pwetty-sissy : Ranti Nauli

adioosss ,

shitty day - soko

a song that i keep replaying on my iPod, :)

I hate myself today.
I don’t know what’s happening to me.
I hate my face today.
I think I look so shitty.

I have some sweat everywhere.
I’m not even shaved.
My hair all greasy.
I look disgusting.

My eyes are glued.
My lips are chaffed.
My legs are prickling.
And plus I’m stinky today.

How can I date someone with a face like that?
I know you’re gonna dump me again,
And I am gonna cry.

Cuz you want a perfect girl,
And I’m not what you expected.
You want a perfect girl,
And I look shitty today.

Maybe I should put some makeup,
And find some crazy outfits.
But I am very tired today
And I don’t care if I’m not pretty.

Should be like these girls,
Skinny and great all the time.
I’m still wearing my slippers
And eat all the candies at home.

I should sleep more,
And stop going out everyday.
I should focus more,
And stop complaining today.

Tell me, How can I date someone with a face like that?
I know you’re gonna dump me again,
And I am gonna cry.

Cuz you want a perfect girl,
And I’m not so perfect.
You want a perfect girl,
And I look shitty today.

Tell me, how can I date someone with a face like that?
I know you’re gonna dump me,
And I am gonna cry


poor lego castle .

blue , yellow , red , white , green .

i was building a castle in a lego-land,
it was fer a king named king SR .

counting angles ,
choosing colors,
defining heights and widths,
i was,
being an instant-architect.

there were bugs .
trying to destroy my half-built castle,
no no ,
i said to my self "now , i'm a musketeer"
i tried to defense my castle from pirates , assassins , monsters and all .

but ,
how could i defense my castle from being destroyed if the highness-king had wanted it to be destroyed in a sudden ?

and that was it ,
poor king destroyed the castle i made fer him
byebye lego-castle ..


hello again !

t'sbeen more than a month that i didnt post anything here , but a good-friend of mine reminded me of this blog, and here it goes , my post , again :)

oh yaa , i forgot to post the result of my cheap-date-competition with my hubb ,
the winner was me anyway :)
i got 24 polls and he got only 8 polls, but he won the secret-hangman-game that i held on our mini-picnic :)
i forgot to ask him the file of certificate he made fer me , but here is the winning-hangman certificate that i made fer him, tadaaaaaaaa ...... :

x and ,