December 09, 2011

After One and A Half Friggin Year.

(There i wrote it while keeping caps-lock on hold.)

It's been forever since the last time i posted a thing or two in here.

So, i miss writing very much. Frrriigggin much.

But, actually, i don't know what to write. :p
(And i'm not tuned in writing about Flipsy this time, because my imaginary wildness has been clogged up by realistic conceits of my actual life.)

Well, in short, my life has been turn upside down and downside up, several times. In my career, my love-life, my family, my friendship, my cash, my business.

But, yea, i've got thru them, pretty well, i can tell.

My road is still steep and rough. People throw me pebbles sometimes. Worse, some of them piss me off too. But i try to not give a fugg. Well, who cares. Better i be equipped with good things and good experiences than give a fugg about what they say or do. I'm pounding my very own pavement that they have no idea about.

Many times i feel alone and devastated. I have a trusting-crisis. And it affects my unconscious pretty awfully. It's really hard for people to gain trust from me. I be very picky in selecting people who can jump in my league. Because many ones were artificial. I want good and sincere people to surround me, even maybe they're harsh or send me cruel comments, as long as they love me the way i am.

Enough for this post.
Catch y'all in some other time!


April 09, 2010

some calls .

actually ,
i should be now sit in front of my desk and read english-grammar book and other competencies book that i have to learn about, tomorrow will be my second TELKOM coop test, i've passed the first one. this is a payed-partake program which is held by PT. TELEKOMUNIKASI INDONESIA; but i am not in my mood to study . not at all . i've got my eyes swollen . i cried lots.

i don't understand why people keep bragging about sweet things that they'll do in the future, without considering whether they will do it or not by the time it's due . i call them braggers.

i don't understand why couples can love and hate their partners at the same time. i call them lovters.

i don't understand why people cry at times they get mad (even when they don't want to). i call them overflowers.

i don't understand why couples do dramas. i call them artists.

i don't understand why people blame the ones they love , and yell at them , and deactivate their facebook accounts, and turn their cell-phones off after hanging up the phone. i call them hideouts.

i don't understand why people take off their dignity for love stuffs. i call them knights.

i don't understand why people want to be prioritized while they make other people as their options. i call them egoists. -and that's me

goodnight everyone ,

yesy marchita , thank you :-*

my bestie, yesy marchita, made this pixel art for me , and i really really like it, thank you so much deaar , xx

love ,

April 07, 2010

awfully need to work sooo hard :)

i want this set so bad !
this is PAUL&JOE Alice In Wonderland limited edition set (containing blotting paper -with mirror-) for shine control, blotting paper refills and a lip treatment in sweet milky pink for the pink sets, called Fantasy and sheer orange for the blue,known as Daydream. the sets were launched at ASOS on 25th February and at Harrods on 6th March. The sets cost £25 each. so it's about 400k-500k in IDR, i hope i can get them easily here in Indonesia :)
please ...

and how can you resist this one ?
Betsey Johnson Bow Watch , costs only about $75 (exclude shipping) , let's work hard everyone!


April 01, 2010

my birthday wish(es), too good to be true

everyone, this is urgent.
it's april!

goooddd, you know what it means ? i'm going to be 21 next month.
like, it's important for me to make a birthday wish list (blaaahs!)
haha, anyway, please mom and dad, as if you two have additional money which isn't needed to be used for any urgency , i want one of those :p

haha, sure i kid you guys, i do blog-walk and google all day long, nothing particular to do, so i downloaded these pictures that i love.

Baskin Robbins ice cream cake

Polly Pocket

Channel union jack

i-phone + union jack GelaSkins (oh pleasee hahaha)

Elke Kramer necklace (i love the nude one)

Nixon murf watch

holiday in london (oohhh :p)

oh fukk, i don't have to mention this one , please ? :p
too too too too too too too too too good to be true

and last but not least , still too good to be true ,
like i can't believe that i own you now, love you :)

and as if i can't have any of those too-good-to-be-true(s),
all i want is to :

good nite everyoneee!

fashion doesn't hurt you or makes you look ugly.

hi again everyone,
guess i'll be in touch so damn close to this blog again, i have my internet connection fixed and payed :)

i'm actually not having particular things to write , but i recently got along with an odd thought of fashion attitude . i'm not a fashion expert neither a good stylist and thankfully neither a fashion victim (i hope so). i believe that fashion belongs to everyone , everyone, no exception. no matter how tiny, tall, skinny or fatty is someone, fashion stays there.

now, the thing is, if it's true, that fashion belongs to everyone, then why do runways and magazines only employ skinny models ? i mean, it's not the weight issue that i try to highlight here, i mean, those role models come in fashion with that boney-body-structure that makes fashion-dogmas, fashion-trends which are only good to be worn by the skinny or by the tall, but not for those pretty fatty or pretty tiny girls. those pretty girls can see how "not runway either not magazine" they are, but insanely still adapt those model-looks into them, and those "good-on-skinny" clothes are worn by those who don't fit them so well, and baaaam : disaster.

i, sometimes put a pity smile on those who hardly try to adapt those "good-on-skinny" clothes into them, the more over, when i see a pair of skinny jeans can't pass over the ankles and worse they get ripped on the hips. why do they have to insist ? there are pants that don't hurt them. or seeing the tinies who put on killer heels, though those pairs hurt them on the feet. people, fashion doesn't hurt you, never. fashion should please you , indeed :)

what i'm getting at is : come fashion industry, employ various models, not only the skinny ones. or the tall ones!
show people,show us, that fashion is definitely belongs to everyone. thus,everybody has role models to influence their fashion statements. thus, no fashion victim, no ripped-on-hips skinny pants, no body looks ugly in fashion they have choosen. fashion should make everybody look better. isn't it the essential of having fashion in you, everyone?


March 16, 2010

swinging an appologize-hello.

it's been more than a month that i didn't post anything here ,actually i got busier with my skripsi-thingy, my research proposal got declined by many companies, ugh i just hate them . why were they so stingy that they couldn't share me some data(s). but finally a good company share me everything i need. data(s), time, friendly helps, and all. this company is : BaikBaik Design, which is owned by Unky Samsam, its showroom is located in Jl.Siliwangi No.8 Bandung, come and visit it, BaikBaik Design provides custom furniture and custom arts that match your needs and budget :)

so it doesn't mean that i lose my passion in writing , but please excuse me for a while. by the time i get my time spared, i'll write again. oh ya, i have a postponed-project, it's a music vs writing project, my hubby and my bestie dennis will make the supportive music for my flipsy story , how great? :) oh ya , and excuse me, that i haven't write anything about flipsy again, but i'm on the way guys, i have a good idea of how it will go further, so .. see you again in my next post :)