January 19, 2010

facts i just knew about my self :

1. i tap both of my toes every time i drink
2. i draw (using my fore fingers) on my bf's body parts everytime we're hand in hand or when we lay on each other. i usually draw stars, ducks and hearts.


January 17, 2010

her morning elegance .

i blog-walked and fell in love with this ,
fell deeply in love :)

i got this from here


January 13, 2010

we name the mistakes we made in the past :

-from the-all-wet incident, cynthia .

January 07, 2010

colors are orgasmic


January 06, 2010

so many things to do,
my flipsy has to wait :|


January 03, 2010

pink-eyed flipsy (part IV)

i always believe that clouds have secrets,
and rainbow has other colors.

me and ched used to play cloud-guess as kids, but ours was a bit different, we guessed an chased, we chased wherever the clouds were , until we were really beneath, but at times we went home so late because we couldn't find the cloud we chased, it was tiring, but pretty fun, awesomely fun. if we hadn't played cloud-guess, we played find-rainbow. i made a dogma, i made ched effortlessly believed that rainbow had other colors , and they were hidden somewhere nearby the rainbow. so when rainbow came, we approached the nearest spot we could reach to find the colors, the colors could be anywhere, on a flower, on a bug, on a trash, on a squirel, on a dust, just random anywheereee. we collected as many as we could grab, the only rule was : we brought the evidences of other colors of rainbow. i won in often, don't tell ched, but i at times cheated on her , sorry ched :}

one day after a heavy rain came, a rainbow appeared nearby the hill, we decided to play the find-rainbow we loved. after arriving at the hill , we started the colors-hunting. i didn't cheat on ched that time ( :p ) . we decided earlier to meet under the purpla tree the next one hour. after almost an-hour hunting , we met right under the purpla tree. i won again , ugh ched was so lame! she could only bring 10 things (even when i didn't cheat on her), and i bought , err, almost 20. i started to encourage ched to collect more colors-on-things when she suddenly squawking and yell "flips, i remember!", i stared at her awkwardly, "i saw a giant pink marble, but i couldn't bring it here, i should've collect 11 you know!" she added. i remained silent . "i swear ched, the marble was really like your eyes", i turned my head slowly to see her and asked "really? where was it?" , "it was at the upper hill, oops!" ched crossed her lips, hmm looked like it was a deliberate revealment of a secret ched.

upper hill was a forbidden place to visit. it was wholly fenced by rusty tall gate with a big "no entrance" board hung on the tiny door between the fence. me and ched knew how to get in from an old-stranger we met when we played cloud-guess months ago , but we had a deal that we would never be there, upper hill was so errr forbidden, we wouldn't danger ourselves,we dealed.
but the blonde-mole ched was really passionately curious that made me furious , and i started to open my eyes widely and growled, "ched,upper hill is not out playground, we have a deal!". i got mad . "but flips, i didn't get anything in the upper hill, means i didn't cheat on you! ehm but well i'm glad that i saw the giant marble that i really want to show you" she perceived. i didn't say anything. "you should see it flips" she added. i made my self quite to think. then i decided to be annoyingly curious like ched was. sigh , bad girl !

on the way to the upper hill i told ched "ched,at least if you want to come to any strange places you know, ask me to go with you, don't you dare to danger yourself alone, how if a giant bear hunt and eat you?noone will know that you're ridiculously chewed-dead by a giant bear!", ched giggled and winked , i smiled at her.

the old stranger told us to get in by sneaking from a wider space between the fence, 30 meters left from the tiny door. ched already knew where it was , so we didn't have to measure, i thought that ched spent most of her earlier time by measuring this 30-meters-left, that made her could only bring 10 things to the purpla tree, ugh cheed!
we got in so fast , ched grabbed my hand and guided me to the giant marble's place, after about 200 meters walking, i saw a clear-pink giant marble leaned on a big-hole in a big-giant tree , i never saw a tree like that. well , it was a gigantic pink marble.

i ..
didn't know what to say .

to be continued ...


January 02, 2010

this is my all-time favorite candy :)


don't be ugly , be pretty ! (eternal sunshine of the spotless mind)

there are pretty things we used to miss .
never again in 2010 ,
let's get very thoughtful of pretty things in our surroundings.

pretty celebrations.

pretty patterns.

pretty foods.

pretty atmospheric-conditions.

pretty hugies.

pretty tickles .

pretty kisses .

pretty families.

pretty kids.

pretty pets.

and pretty lovers.

so, let's be pretty,
by making pretty things,
by loving pretty things.

images are mostly from: here, here and here


January 01, 2010

more thankful
less demanding
thanks 2009!
happy new year everyone ...