July 31, 2009

things on the days off :)

since my partaking-thingy is still on-hold, so automatically i have no particular thing to do . all i can do is just hook here and there with hubby or good friends , or staying at home instead , do some dvd(s) marathon . and at times , i help my mom to babysit my little sister . pick her up when school-out and ride her to her english-course class . pwetty boring , ain't it ? :D

here are some random pictures taken on the days-off :)

this is the picture of my bookstore-smart-shopping,
they were only cost about 17 thousand idr ;)

picking up little sister from her new school

and i kept on writing this and that on my paul smith little note book,
thanky hubby for buying me this cute note book
~ he said that this note book matched my paul smith sling-bag

ps : i learned lots nowadays ,
i learned how to stand-up after some deep-falls ,
learned how to stand-still while things went wrong ,
and learned how to smile while things insisted me not to .
and here i am , heading to be a better better me :)


July 26, 2009

random pics of the-excellent-up !

russel , carl fredicksen , kevin , dug , ellie .
you're all awesome !



July 14, 2009

sevenpounds , ♥ ♥ !

i always love will smith's movie .
that's why i love this one too , so much .
s e v e n p o u n d s
and i love his not-too-much muscular body either , grr !
whatta hottie daddy !

yesterday i went out to the cinema w/ hubby, in purpose to watch this movie. actually i had watched a half of this movie on the dvd at home, but i got no point at all and at that time i turned my dvd off and headed to sleep *because this is drama and a bit boring at a first-half*, then i decided to watch it again at the cinema, and in the end of the movie , i could say that i love it so much.

there are some points that i learned and either concluded from that movie , they are :
1. tim saves 7 people because he thinks he killed 7
2. tim abandons his job and actually his LIFE to help people, because he feels guilty afterall
3. i guess it's very hot to kiss a man when he's crying
4. i really hate that killing-jellyfish scene , it's hurt :{
5. no bestfriend is happy to see his/her bestfriend dying, and noone's willing to help
6. i love tim's beach house , deadly !
7. when hubby buy me a diamond ring (i wish , hahaha), i won't keep my eyes on it while we're still in the car , and i won't let him touch his blackberry while he's driving.
8. rosario dawson who plays the emily posa cast was very look alike w/ my hubby's ex , and he said that she was pretty before he knew it , hahaha ! gotcha hub :p

*and this is my smith's best photo taken on the scene:
my hottie daddy ! yeeay ! :D



July 12, 2009

tooth fairy , please .

The Tooth Fairy is a mythical character depicted as a fairy that gives a child money or gifts in exchange for a baby tooth that has fallen out. Children typically place the tooth under their pillow at night while they sleep. The fairy is said to take the tooth from under the pillow and replace it with money. ( wikipedia )

for the tooth loss ,
but for the tooth gain ?
will fairy help me ?

i can't help this ache,

and i haven't eat properly since this morning .
please !



July 10, 2009

the-i-learn-bearhug .

(last 2 images) courtesy : happythings

Everybody needs a hug. It changes your metabolism. ~Leo Buscaglia

You can't give a hug without getting hug. ~Author Unknown
A silent hug means a thousand words to an unhappy heart. ~Author Unknown

i really
to be hugged .
the big one,
i call it the bearhug .

referring to someone's quotation : a
silent hug means a thousand words to an unhappy heart.
i think i vote for it .
it's true .

the last time i got a silent hug , i cried for 2 reasons . the first one, because i was unhappy . the second one, because i was happy there was someone who was willing to hug me in purpose to ease my pain. although actually it wasn't a real silent hug, because he added some words in a very quite voice, they were : "why do we fall ? because we need to stand up and learn", then i sob harder, it was really touching me at my heart . i love it when people give a shot to encourage me, to raise my heart up again . then i hugged him tighter, i told him : "i learn enough .. "
then he sang the three little bird song , "don't you worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be allright .. " till i fell asleep in his bearhug . i lovey bearhug


fancy details ♪

hehe , my magical R-word is everywheeeree
i accompanied my sister buying some notebooks and pencils ,
i found these cutie stickers ,
i bought them and stuck it here and there , lovey that hubb ? :D

this one is an exception . okay , i don't walk what i talk :|

i really hated those people who had been being so crazy about blackberry , because i wasn't .
and the only phone i wanted was 16gb white iphone 3G . but lately , hahaha (i really want to laugh at my self) , i noticed that i spent lots on my call bills , so i decided to look for one that silly-bb gadget . because, i invented that those people who used blackberry had their call bills much cheaper than before (and since i still can't afford any of that whitey gadget, HAHAHA)
i haven't found the one that i want, it's the gold curve 8320 , why curve 8320?because it's pale gold , ahhh , such an answer , i don't know , like i don't like to be the same as people around , they use jave anyways . hihi :) anyone, help me .

and since i really hated those people who put colorful silicone case on their bb , this fave color , turquoise will be the only color i may use as my case if i buy one . okay then , i'll post the gadget when i get one :) wish me a luck-hunting , yeeeaayyy !

childhood heroes , miss them !

time quest
teko ajaib , pangeran dandan , putri shalala

sonic the hedgedog
my fave sega- catridge !
( because i only had 2 catridge at the first time , they were sonic the hedgedog and topgear, hahahah ;p )

those brave sexy ladies

i wonder how fujiko was inspired to invent a "pintu kemana saja"

candy - candy
oh my goood, she's my fave . the masculine-melancholic-girl with cool boys around :))

July 08, 2009

perfect amusement .

i hang the baloons
i keep my eyes close to the pretty things
i lie my body underneath the warm orange-sun
i curl my legs closer to the chest
i mumble songs
i put my hands behind my groovy head
i'm on a colorful carpet at the amusement park
my fingers are crossed , wish i was invisible
my heart likey the heart-shape cloud
i smell my sugar smell
someone's reflected on my rayban sunnies
i guess i know who he actually is
he's the rabbit man in alice in the wonderland
he's in pursuit
because he's running
while sweaty
i look at him and look after him when he falls
there's a wound in a heart shape
he thinks he's in love
me, either
and he's a madness of mine in a sudden
well, that's in short
and well, there are fireworks on the noon-sky
i think,
i fall in love with a rabbit man
in the amusement park

♥ random-favey-stuffy ♥

what a cute pen , omfg !

this one is a very breath-taking-super-cute tape !

cupcake making-kit

my engagement ring , please hubby :D

when i about to reserve , they're all reserved . bad-luck !

peacock peacock !

may you rest in peace , bestie ♥

this is her photo in our photo-session around september 2008 .
and this is my fave photo of her .


i was in my car when one of my junior-high bestie called, she told me : "aphe mona meninggal .." . i was still shocked , so i didn't answer , i kept silent , a few minutes later i replied "mona mana put ?" then she answered " Mona Adelia Syafitri Rusydiyan .. " . i stoned . i had nothing to say , i told her to make sure that the bad-news was right . then,in less than 30 mnts, she reconfirmed that it was true .

it was a REAL sudden , i couldn't believe it . couple weeks ago she asked me to go out , she wanted me to explain about my recent lovelife that classified into something which was not ideal, while she knew that the man i was with was her bestfriend's ex . so , she avoided to have a bad-thought of me , then she asked me out to hear my explanation , but we never met since whenever . and now she's gone . and i still owe her an explanation . although i know now , that she knows it . very well :')

i remember all the good things we had , the bad things we passed , the laughters , silly jokes , tears , smiles , hugs , kisses , advices . it's hard to let go :(( mona , i'm so sorry that i haven't meet you before you're gone . but i know that our friendship lasts forever :) so , good-bye my bestie . i love you and i'll miss you like whatever :-*

big box of love ,
cynthia :')

July 04, 2009

my best love affair

my man is dancing right now ,
i bet he loves colors in this dancing-occasion , so i made him this color-patterns .
hey dancey-hubby-lovey , i'll meet the-human-you tomorrow .
happy dancing ,

July 03, 2009

holidae = partake in .

h o l i d a y' s c o m i n .
yippie yeay

: dance :

stop .

i (hopefully, because the approval isn't comin yet) fulfill my holiday with some working activities to partake in, i partake in being an intern in an office . and now on , i get along with some ideas of how my working attire will look-alike, wow ! kinda fashion-minded , na-ah , i just like to be comfy and at least good looking, because being good looking is one of the success key which will head you to a good impression .

anywaaays , i actually dreamed of a very fun yet refreshing holiday , but this one ain't that bad though . i kinda work hard on my future . i'll get married on 10-11-12 , HAHAHAHAH ! hey, wish me luck :)
but i hope there's one-good-escape-day to have a real holiday, i want to have some water-related activities , but not swimming , i think of rafting, or beach-days at belitung slash karimun jawa slash pulau umang , they're great beaches (they said, i haven't been there) . i think of a-soft-orange-evening, completed by flying-fave-coloured-baloons, ipod, hubby, good fwnds, golden-sand, raybans, candies , melting ice-cubes = GOOD TIME EVER :D
god , i can't wait .

♥, cynthia