April 01, 2010

my birthday wish(es), too good to be true

everyone, this is urgent.
it's april!

goooddd, you know what it means ? i'm going to be 21 next month.
like, it's important for me to make a birthday wish list (blaaahs!)
haha, anyway, please mom and dad, as if you two have additional money which isn't needed to be used for any urgency , i want one of those :p

haha, sure i kid you guys, i do blog-walk and google all day long, nothing particular to do, so i downloaded these pictures that i love.

Baskin Robbins ice cream cake

Polly Pocket

Channel union jack

i-phone + union jack GelaSkins (oh pleasee hahaha)

Elke Kramer necklace (i love the nude one)

Nixon murf watch

holiday in london (oohhh :p)

oh fukk, i don't have to mention this one , please ? :p
too too too too too too too too too good to be true

and last but not least , still too good to be true ,
like i can't believe that i own you now, love you :)

and as if i can't have any of those too-good-to-be-true(s),
all i want is to :

good nite everyoneee!

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