April 09, 2010

some calls .

actually ,
i should be now sit in front of my desk and read english-grammar book and other competencies book that i have to learn about, tomorrow will be my second TELKOM coop test, i've passed the first one. this is a payed-partake program which is held by PT. TELEKOMUNIKASI INDONESIA; but i am not in my mood to study . not at all . i've got my eyes swollen . i cried lots.

i don't understand why people keep bragging about sweet things that they'll do in the future, without considering whether they will do it or not by the time it's due . i call them braggers.

i don't understand why couples can love and hate their partners at the same time. i call them lovters.

i don't understand why people cry at times they get mad (even when they don't want to). i call them overflowers.

i don't understand why couples do dramas. i call them artists.

i don't understand why people blame the ones they love , and yell at them , and deactivate their facebook accounts, and turn their cell-phones off after hanging up the phone. i call them hideouts.

i don't understand why people take off their dignity for love stuffs. i call them knights.

i don't understand why people want to be prioritized while they make other people as their options. i call them egoists. -and that's me

goodnight everyone ,


Anonymous said...

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Ridlwan said...

:D,,, nice writing most at knight & the egoist.
there always be a reason,

nice nice writing mbak, let's see your next hehe hehehe