December 09, 2011

After One and A Half Friggin Year.

(There i wrote it while keeping caps-lock on hold.)

It's been forever since the last time i posted a thing or two in here.

So, i miss writing very much. Frrriigggin much.

But, actually, i don't know what to write. :p
(And i'm not tuned in writing about Flipsy this time, because my imaginary wildness has been clogged up by realistic conceits of my actual life.)

Well, in short, my life has been turn upside down and downside up, several times. In my career, my love-life, my family, my friendship, my cash, my business.

But, yea, i've got thru them, pretty well, i can tell.

My road is still steep and rough. People throw me pebbles sometimes. Worse, some of them piss me off too. But i try to not give a fugg. Well, who cares. Better i be equipped with good things and good experiences than give a fugg about what they say or do. I'm pounding my very own pavement that they have no idea about.

Many times i feel alone and devastated. I have a trusting-crisis. And it affects my unconscious pretty awfully. It's really hard for people to gain trust from me. I be very picky in selecting people who can jump in my league. Because many ones were artificial. I want good and sincere people to surround me, even maybe they're harsh or send me cruel comments, as long as they love me the way i am.

Enough for this post.
Catch y'all in some other time!


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